Business solutions that connect profit with positive actions for the planet

From tree planting to protecting water sources and biodiversity, the Quantaloop solutions helps businesses leverage their social missions; landholders unlock land value; and job seekers find exclusive natural resource contracts.

Most popular use-cases

Sustainable business practices

Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainable business practices
Get an edge over your competition by showing how you contribute positive impacts on society and the planet.

Eco-Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Power up with eco-impact data
People love transparency. People love numbers. Now you can do both by adding living impact data to your email campaigns.

Plant a tree for every ticket sold

Eco Rewards
Plant a tree for every ticket sold
Adding a tree to the cost of entry is an easy way to make your event carbon-neutral or reward your guests for their attendance.

Audience engagement with a purpose

Audience Engagement
Content with a purpose
Take digital media components to another level with real life content that impacts viewers before & after the show.

Future proof your business by adding an eco-edge.

Trends in the corporate world are going beyond philanthropy to embrace corporate social and environmental responsibility as a core value.