the problem

Climate change is a globally recognized concern and efforts to combat its effects are lacking. There is currently no sustainable business model that utilizes the power of modern technologies to protect, capture and utilize the value stored in nature in a trusted, transparent and easily accessible way.

the solution

By being stewards of land regeneration, Quantaloop oversees, extracts value, and ensures that the highest standards are met throughout the entire process of creating, qualifying and distributing eco-impact through gamified marketing campaigns.

our work

Quantaloop is a land regeneration and eco-marketing company. By unifying these aspects we are able to oversee, extract value, and ensure that the highest standards are met throughout the entire process of creating, qualifying and distributing eco-impact.

Our land regeneration division allows investors to benefit from multiple revenue streams generated by reforestation, biomass extraction and carbon sequestration. We are introducing a brand new land management platform integrated with the latest in data analytics, predictive modelling, geo-location GPS satellite imaging technology, scalable third-party partner integration system and more.

Our eco-marketing division offers an all inclusive one-stop shop for businesses to easily integrate and communicate their involvement and contributions to environmental projects. Our background in gaming and entertainment allows us to leverage our experience in utilizing the power of online communities to connect 2.6 billion players worldwide, while helping business build positive relationships with their customers and fostering long-term customer retention and loyalty through our creation of a new global standard of better business known as ‘Powered by Qude’. Powered by Qude is backed by state-of-the-art ecological intelligence data and offers the unique tracking ability for end users to view in real time, what, where and how choices made by business and consumers impact the planet.

Quantaloop combines profitable investment strategies with sustainability while connecting businesses and their customers to real world impact.

our technology

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meet the team

Quantaloop is more than a technology company. We are real people just trying to do our part in creating a better future for generations to come.

Lead by founders at the top of their crafts with backgrounds spanning across multiple industries from entertainment to finance to forestry, we are a diverse team of individuals that ‘care a whole awful lot’.

Co-founder, CEO

Jesse Harris

Jesse Harris has over a decade long career success in film and television.  He has worked with top talent around the world on large feature films and TV shows. Jesse was introduced to the tech industry when he was invited to project manage the design and build of the largest 3D interactive TV. Since then, he has built several apps and sites, including a sports betting platform, Chirplocker; a blockchain rewards system called Jump Shares; a crypto payment platform, Poolpay; an earthquake disaster app DisasterGPS and Social Hours a meetup platform. Through his former startup, Beem Vision AR/VR, he was admitted into the Venture Acceleration BC, an intensive program that fosters growth for innovative tech companies. Jesse continues to grow his knowledge of new technologies and be an active member of local tech groups. Going back to his early career in the forestry industry in Western Canada, Jesse formed the idea of uniting blockchain technologies with natural resource management. This idea has since blossomed into what Quantaloop is today, connecting amazing people and projects to better the world.

Co-founder, CEO

Sandra Wong

Sandra Wong has 17+ years experience in entrepreneurship and building digital products. Sandra is the former product success manager at BlueBat Games – a subsidiary of Novomatic Group and creators of casino platform GreenTube Pro (awarded Social Casino Supplier of the Year at GIA 2017). She cofounded Lucky Lady Games, a consultancy and game designer to some of the world’s most recognized casino properties across the globe including the world’s first live dealer social casino and the fastest growing online poker room in 2018. Sandra has launched products that have reached 100’s of millions of users and have debut apps at number one in its category in Appstore. Sandra started her career in technology as digital merchandiser at – Canada’s largest IPO of it’s time for $240M. She was nominated for leader of the year in 2013 by Woman of Worth Awards an finds her greatest joy working beside those that take action with purpose.

Global Head of Stewardship

Tom Hobby

Tom Hobby is a Native of Mariposa, California and he has worked over 25 years in the forestry, agriculture and biomass energy sectors, and has more than 10 years of bioenergy commercialization and executive experience. He has worked in education, farm and forest management, commercial agricultural lending, natural resources academic research, bioenergy start-ups, and has served on a myriad of non-profit organizations.  Tom holds a Master’s Degree in Agri-Business Administration and a MSc. Agriculture from California Polytechnic University SLO – USA. He also holds an MA Economics from the University of Victoria. He has been interviewed by Canadian national and provincial media on a myriad of forest industry topics including forest fuels management, non-timber resources and bioenergy.

VP of Impact Communications

Lisa Mazzotta

Lisa Mazzotta is a social impact producer and environmental advocate for sustainability. She is a passionate filmmaker who brings people together to forward a cause and is often called upon to connect the right people. She speaks at conferences globally on the need for sustainable manufacturing and reduction of plastics. Her work as a TV and film producer has garnered several awards, including’s first ever primetime Emmy Award in Interactive Media. Her most recent documentary, RiverBlue, has received 12 awards for highlighting a detailed investigation on the dumping of toxic waste produced by the manufacturing of our clothing. When off a film set, Lisa donates her time to developing leadership programs that educate youth and bring awareness about poignant and critical environmental issues globally.

VP of Business Development

Dann Grevlos

For the past 20+ years, Dann has successfully owned and operated land-based gaming operations in both the United States and Mexico. Dann has extensive knowledge, connections and an established reputation in the gaming industry making him one of the most sought after and accomplished consultants and guest speakers within the community of gaming professionals and state policy makers. From the Gaming Law Summit in London, to the Poker Voters of America and the Global Internet Gaming Summit and Expo, Dann continues to generously share insights he has cultivated over the years. He joins Quantaloop as VP of Business Development, helping to negotiate tribal affiliations as well as related gaming domains internationally.



Laurent is a 20 year entrepreneur who has launched and exited various companies in the clothing, technology and finance spaces. He has used his strength in the sales, marketing and relationship side of business to generate millions of dollars in revenues for the companies he has worked with. His realistic grounding will ensure that Quantaloop stays focussed on generating new clients and new revenue streams for the business. Aside being a cofounder of Quantaloop, Laurent is also cofounder of Safe Pacific Financial where he advises Vancouver professionals and business owners on their personal and company financial plans and on the specialty use of investments and insurance to build their net worth. Laurent recently received the 2018 Top 100 achievement award for annuals sales putting him in the top 1% Financial Advisors in Canada.


Chris L. Gallardo

For the past 15+ years, Chris has worked in the Federal and State Legislative and Regulatory arenas. Currently, he owns and operates his Government Relations and Consulting Firm in the Sacramento area, Gallardo Government Relations and Consulting. Over the years, Chris has successfully assisted Native American Tribes negotiate land into trust projects and has likewise successfully negotiated Tribal-State gaming compacts with the State of California on behalf of his clients. Chris has extensive Tribal Government and gaming knowledge, as well as a multitude of connections and an established reputation in the gaming industry making him one of the most pursued consultants in his field. Chris will continue his work in Indian Country by generously sharing his insights he has cultivated over his career with the Quantaloop executive team. He joins Quantaloop as VP of Tribal Relations, in charge of Native American Business Development to help foster respectful and meaningful Native American Government Relations.



Robert Trasolini is co-founder of Safe Pacific Financial Inc. and member of the Million Dollar Round Table, an organization recognizing the top 10% of advisors around the world based on total revenue generated. Prior to also co-founding Quantaloop Technologies Inc. he founded Minex Connections Inc. a recruitment firm for the natural resource mining industry. Robert has consistently been recognized as a top advisor in Canada by one of the largest advisory networks and is ranked in the top 100 out of more than 10,000 advisors for annuals sales putting him in the top 1%. Robert has a proven track record in business development and corporate planning. He is a graduate from the University of Victoria with BA of Arts, Geography and Commerce.

Event Manager

Cianna Dinh

Cianna has a keen passionate interest in learning different skills. From tech programming to crunching numbers in the financial industry to beauty skincare expert, Cianna’s range of expertise makes her a great candidate for customer success. Being able to acquire the characteristics of different trades, her assessment to problem solving and achieving goals is widely looked through many angles. Cianna believes that while we are different on many levels and backgrounds, one common goal we can relate to is “To make a difference in the world, we must strive together as a team”. Cianna handles event coordination for Quantaloop and is a proud supporter of woman in technology initiatives.



Victor studied Philosophy and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, the University of Washington and Harvard, after which he delved into Bitcoin app development creating a small business payment solution, and started a successful cryptocurrency brokerage in the run-up of 2017. After co-founding BlockSpace Solutions Inc. and BlockSpace Digital Asset Management, he became VP of Tech Communications for Quantaloop Technologies. He is co-founder of Enigma Technologies Inc., a decentralized social media and gaming platform; technical advisor for a prominent EOSIO block producing candidate and organizer for the BC Blockchain forum. In his spare time, Victor likes to climb mountains and fly planes.



With over two decades of experience in programming and managing web projects, Ben is regarded as one of the industry’s top technologists. Ben’s background experience includes two dot-com IPO’s and startup Ludicorp which eventually emerged as Flickr and was acquired by Yahoo. Ben then joined Sutton Group Realty Services in 2003 where he headed the technology team which supported over 250 locations and thousands of real estate agents across Canada.

In 2009, Ben made the jump from real estate technology to social gaming as CTO/co-founder of OMI and the dimeRocker platform. There he worked closely with industry leaders on the unique technical challenges of free2play gaming. Ben is lead consultant of Blackbird Interactive, the social game studio started by Games Inc. Inc. Ben is an active member of the tech community, published author for Zend, consultant for PCWorld, previous director of the Vancouver PHP group and a veteran blogger. Ben is currently the Engineering Manager for Mozilla and tech advisor to Quantaloop Technologies Inc.

General Counsel


Nathan Lidder BA, JD is the founding lawyer at Coal Harbour Law; he started Coal Harbour Law in 2016 with a desire to bring a client-centric approach to the practice of law. He firmly believes in providing high quality, tailored legal services to clients.

Nathan brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the practice of law and is skilled at navigating new industries and changing regulations. Nathan prides himself on applying black letter law to novel and exciting ideas to help ensure compliance with applicable laws. Nathan brings his experience in general counsel roles and his position on the board of a public company to the Quantaloop team.

Nathan has a strong litigation background which gives him a unique perspective when tackling complex problems. He has made appearances and advocated before the Saskatchewan Provincial Court, BC Provincial Court, Manitoba Provincial Court, British Columbia Supreme Court and British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Nathan received his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015 and he previously received a Honours Diploma in Criminology from the College of New Caledonia and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Northern British Columbia. He was called to the British Columbia bar in April 2016 after completing his articles with a full service law firm.