Create and deploy verified environmental marketing campaigns

Adding a triple-bottom-line of people, planet and profit are essential factors that drive business sustainability and customer loyalty in today’s markets.

What you can do with Quantaloop for Business

Value align with your customers

Build relationships by knowing what your customers care about.

Create trusted eco campaigns

Spread your do-good through email, social, ads, games, and more.

Add eco to your CSR plans

All the tools you need to add planet positive actions in a few clicks.

Turn data into real-life impact

Instill trust and better decision making with verified GIS map data.

Platform highlights

  • Eco-scorecard customization and live data updates to multiple-platforms

  • EcoWizard – Easy configuration settings to create and launch ‘click & go’ eco-marketing tools

  • Library of Powered by Qude marketing tools, assets & game widgets linking directly to your eco-scorecard

  • Real-time data analytics & reporting tools so you can make better informed business decisions

  • Global campaign buddy – Join forces on global initiatives & partner together on eco-causes

  • Best practice guides – Step by step how-to guides for adding an eco-edge to your marketing mix

PLUS by signing up today, we will plant 10 trees with GIS verification on your behalf!

Business impact Powered by Qude™

100% Business tax deductible

If Saving the World wasn’t enough of an incentive, Qude™ is an

advertising and marketing expense that is 100% Tax Deductible!