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Quantaloop helps business do better business

Quantaloop enables you to add positive planet actions to your products and services, giving you an added benefit to ‘why should I do business with you?’. Quantaloop facilitates the full journey of the most trusted environmental initiatives guaranteed for real planetary impact in the simplest way. Now you can offer your customers a decisive value-added that resonates with the more socially conscious generations without changing or taking too much time away from your regular day-to-day operations.

Below are detailed case studies showing how we can help take your business to another level. 

Case Study 1: Coffee Shops

Client Story: “We are a coffee franchise that focuses on serving local communities the highest quality products and convenience with a smile.  How can I use Quantaloop to benefit my business?”

Quantaloop Solutions:

  • Use Quantaloop’s Qude™ Eco Add-On to introduce a new menu item that upon purchase, also gives back $0.25 to a cause of your choice. For example, ‘Every Matcha latte purchased helps to protect local forests.’
  • Create a digital customer loyalty campaign to launch ’10 visits = 10 Trees planted’.
  • Connect and give back to the local community schools and fundraisers that directly impact your customers through our Community Connect Eco-Actions.
  • Show an understanding of growing B2C demands for eco-conscious products by adding Eco-Education to your marketing communications.

Case Study 2: TV & Film Production

film-tv-CSR-Eco-Digital media
Client story: “We are working on a film production and would love to put together a give-back initiative for our cast and crew. How can we utilize Quantaloop?”

The Quantaloop platform is perfect for an internal cast and crew give-back campaign and many other aspects of the production pipeline from production to release. Not only does it boost morale for your entire production’s cast and crew, but it is also great content for behind the scenes PR and live interactive rich media for audience engagement. Every good-action done from your production boosts your Qude™ Eco-score. Maybe the production with the biggest heart wins!

Quantaloop Solutions:

  • Become a leader in entertainment by growing your eco-impact score by linking your cast, crew, and audience efforts to your Qude™ Eco-Scorecard.
  • Create a ‘Scan to Plant local tree-planting campaign to allow your cast and crew to compete who can do more good for the planet. Simply go through the campaign wizard, select the platforms in which you want to show your campaign, then print & promote with your Custom Eco-QRcode
  • Enhanced the digital media components and create a second-screen audience engagement like no other. Whether the TV or Film has a dominant theme surrounding human actions and the environment or not, adding social responsibility engages your viewers in real life. Imagine getting a tree planted just for watching your film. Use the Quantaloop Eco-Digital Media Assets and Eco-Educational to complete your story and more.

Case Study 3: Marketing Agency 

Client story: “I am a marketing provider, and my users are interested in eco-related campaigns such as planting a tree for every item purchased. Can I use just the tree planting and the data verification services and not the marketing tools?”

Yes! Though the Quantaloop platform, you can custom select products and services you need on-demand and even offer an API to your services to grow your eco-conscious customer base. We offer an array of B2B eco-solutions to validate whatever environmental mission your customer’s request and help you track your KPIs.

Quantaloop Solutions:

By partnering with us, you add a brand new green service offering without changing the way your business does business. We facilitate all the boots-on-the-ground nature work and provide you with the truest proof-of-impact to validate all your environmental campaigns your clients may have. You win, your customer wins, the planet wins.

  • Offer the most trusted and transparent co-marketing initiatives by adding Qude™ – Satellite & GIS backed Eco-Impact.
  • Grow your eco-impact score by linking your customer’s eco influence and efforts to your Qude™ Eco-Scorecard page.
  • Offer exclusive business Eco Promo and Voucher Codes to your customers
  • Show an understanding of growing B2C demands for more eco-conscious products by adding Eco-Education to your marketing offerings.

Case Study 4: Real Estate 

realtor csr
Client story: “I’m a realtor and have been in the business for about 15 years now. The business has consistently grown over the years, and my partner and I are extremely thankful for the customer base we have built. We heard about Quantaloop and would love to explore new ways to market our services.”

Quantaloop has products and services that cater to your existing and new potential customers. For your situation, we recommend starting with a free Qude™ Eco-Scorecard and sending out a customer appreciation email with a gift back to the communities you serve. The eco-scorecard will give you rich media content and remind them of your services. Plus, Quantaloop is 100% a marketing and advertising tax deduction.

Quantaloop Solutions:

  • Incentivize your marketing for new leads by pairing a local do-good promise for the communities you serve. For example, for every new listing, you can plant 25 trees of your new client in their name.
  • Use the easy Eco-Rewards to plant, send, and verify precisely where eco-promise was fulfilled.
  • Use your Qude™ Eco-Scorecard to set you apart from the competition by showing how much you care through the initiatives you take.
  • Find new leads and get involved by joining together with other businesses on community initiatives

Case Study 5: Hair, Beauty Salons and Health & Wellness

beauty csr plan
Client story: “I am a co-founder and creative director of a chain of boutique hair salons. We love to support different local initiatives; please let us know how we can help.”

It sounds like you are already in the mindset of giving back, and we’d love to help you help us create a better world. Many small to medium-sized businesses such as yours regularly gives back in many ways but don’t get enough recognition or exposure for there do good. While we know this isn’t the reason, showing your eco-score can help educate others also to be more mindful of their actions and how it impacts our planet.

Quantaloop Solutions:

  • By setting up an official business Qude™ Eco-Scorecard, you can now keep all your philanthropy and contributions in one place.
  • Incentivize your marketing by pairing a local do-good promise for the communities you serve. Use the easy Eco-Campaigns to create, deploy, and fulfill your eco-promises.
  • Use your Qude™ Eco-Scorecard to set you apart from the competition by showing how much you care through the initiatives you take.
  • Complete your brand story by creating campaigns that align with your business offerings using Campaign Wizard. Ideas such as ‘Keep the Earth Beautiful’ or ‘Connect with Nature’ or ‘Beauty Without Borders’ campaigns to engage your client base.
  • All guests can join into your community giveaways and be entered into an online Eco-Rewards for their next visit free by supporting eco-friendly businesses. Scan & Plant a tree for the planet and be automatically entered!
  • Get involved by joining together with other brands and businesses that serve a similar demographic on eco-campaigns by using Campaign Buddy and more.

Want to know how Quantaloop can help your business?

Talk to one of our experts and explore how to use Quantaloop Eco-Solutions to your business. You can find the contact form inside of the Quantaloop platform, where a team of consultants is ready to help you dive deep into how you can become a better business for the planet today.