Quantaloop Team

Our Story

Quantaloop began with 5 friends in 2017 with the vision of improving legacy data systems in the natural resource space with blockchain technology. With ICO dreams and decentralization in it’s infancy, the friends completed whitepapers and investors decks, only to run into many legal grey areas that were deemed too risky and unnecessary to take.

As the project progressed, many signs kept pointing to an even bigger need for attention in the natural resource space: the lack of innovation and funding available for proper stewardship of land and protection of our planet’s natural resources.

On one particular night, our co-founders and co-CEOs, Jesse Harris and Sandra Wong attended the UN’s launch of their latest film ‘Women Bending the Curve’, a movie about the importance of women leadership in climate change. The film was followed up with a Q&A with the films director, members of the UN and an audience which consisted of local students, business owners and policy makers. The key takeaway of the Q&A was more influential for our two founders than the actual film. An overwhelming lack of answers for ‘How do I help?’ rang loud and clear.  While environmental awareness is important, awareness was clearly only half the equation. The other half was of the equation was ‘Where can I go to take action?’

The event further validated Jesse and Sandra’s vision for more connection and accessibility for all to the natural world through technology.

Quantaloop is a planet tech and solutions company.  With trust and transparency promises of decentralized technology remaining since day, Quantaloop has since added other streams of emerging tech including IPFS, GIS satellites, IoT, AI, data analytics and AR.

We build products that make it easy, affordable and accessible for anyone to get involved and take positive actions for the planet while having fun doing so. From land owners to informed consumers, Quantaloop is taking eco-action made easy!

Our Brand Promise
  • To have a more connected world: one planet, one world, one future
  • To be active creators of the future we want
  • To take action and fail fast & forward
  • To stay persistent as we are passionate for making impact
  • To be inclusive & do this together
Our Top 5 Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Unity
  • Sustainability
Our vision for the future is for every inhabitant of Planet Earth to easily access and impact the natural world through any connected device.