Why Quantaloop?

We are at a pivotal time in Earth’s history – there hasn’t been a greater threat to our planet’s existence maybe ever and there are many contributing factors that need a solution.

Quantaloop aims to address the many problems facing humanity today with a solution that is created to unite everyone under one goal: a better future for all.

Problems we solve

  • Business can’t be truly sustainable long-term if they don’t take account for people and planet in the full cost of doing business. There currently is an imbalance of money earned by business and money going back to offsetting the environmental impact of doing business.

  • Lack of consumer awareness on the impact of consumption.

  • Uncompelling, unengaging & outdated green education & outreach.

  • People & business care and want to help but they don’t know how or where. 

  • Customers have distrust in non-profits and are requesting more transparency and verification for their donations towards environmental actions. 

  • Lack of support from corporations and governing bodies. 

  • No easy, direct way to invest in planet regeneration.

    There are currently no easy ways for businesses to implement a truly impactful and customized eco-giveback or communication strategy without disruption to their usual day-to-day operations.

  • CSR is too expensive or difficult to implement.

    Most represents one of the biggest arguments against adopting corporate social responsibility as a policy. Programs to reduce environmental impact often require expensive changes without any clear way to recoup those losses.

  • Land management is our most underutilized solution in fixing our planet.

    Currently sitting at 75 percent unusable status, lack of data and funding is preventing land owners, farmers and governments from achieving better practices in land regeneration that can make real planetary impact.

  • New technologies in clean energy are under-utilized as general population is unable to access affordable tools to properly see & assess land value potential within natural resources sectors.

The Quantaloop Solution

Quantaloop is a single source platform for creating and deploying verified environmental campaigns.

From tree planting and offsetting carbon footprints to protecting water sources and biodiversity, the Quantaloop solution helps brands value-align their social missions to what matters most to their customers.

Land holders and natural resource service providers utilize Quantaloop’s land management platform while businesses leverage an integrated eco-marketing platform for all their CSR needs.

  • Commitment to better business and the creation of free, accessible eco-education and climate positive tools for all.

  • Verifiable and 100% tax deductible eco-marketing campaigns to allow businesses to achieve CSR goals, increase brand loyalty and give back to the planet without affecting their bottom-line.

  • Easy-to-use land assessment and management tools for landholders to discover and unlock land value potential that is currently not being tapped.

  • Job creation and free job portal for connecting local contractors and service providers to exclusive natural resource job listings.

  • Providing access to alternative sources of funding for land regeneration projects and potential land buyouts.