Let’s take a step back from the daily grind of modern reality and reflect for a quick second that in less than a month, we are in the year 2020. If you were born, like I was, in a generation that remembers what the world was like before the internet and wifi, then you will realize the symbolic significance of this turn of a decade. 2020, was the year of ‘somewhere far into the future.’ The year that promises human advancements on all fronts from sky cities to flying cars, robot servants to hoverboards, food replicators to holographic phone calls with your parents on their annual space trip to the moon. Cause you know, older people in 2020 are supposed to be vibrant, silvered hair and in perfect health living their best years.


Well, 2020 is around the corner, and unless we keep our imaginative rose-tinted glasses on, most of reality isn’t this childhood fantasy. What is truth in 2020 is the growing awareness in the collective human experience that there is a disconnection from what is authentic and natural to what is unauthentic and contrived. Without going into the arguments of why technology is right (no argument there), this post aims to address the growing human disconnection from real-life action. We are at a time where humanity has access to an endless stream of knowledge and wisdom, literally right at our finger, yet also at a time when we are more lost and confused than ever. Are we overwhelmed with too many options? Have we been conditioned, like Pavlov’s dogs, to salivate at the sound of phone notifications? Is it simply not natural to ask our bodies to keep adapting to something new year after year? When does it ever end?

There is a simple core answer to these questions and more. More importantly, it answers why we aren’t doing more about it? Why is there not more positive action being taken if we know better, then why are so many of us not doing better?

Because of bad leadership. There is a systematic problem that is effecting human life in detrimental ways because many in positions of power aren’t qualified or equipped for what society needs. Bad leadership is what good leadership is not.

So what is good leadership? And how do we go about achieving more of it?

Well, first off, good leadership starts with understanding oneself and knowing your values. Only when we can understand what truly matters to us can we extend this to our business culture in an authentic way. Good Leaders know guilt, blame, doom, and gloom don’t work, so why do we think this will work for environmental leadership? We see this all-time with shaming and blame on other generations or particular industries such as oil and gas, making them the enemy when the problem is the system, and the choices we make in our everyday lives. Every dollar we spend is a vote. Every time you watch a show, every time you click on a news story, every time you make a purchase, you are voting. You are voting for what is important to you, and every vote you cast is adding up to what is essential to the human race. So this day forward before you give your attention, your actions, or your hard earn dollars think about your vote. If something is enough to capture your attention, ask yourself, why is this important to me. Every time you watch, click or buy is an invitation for businesses to give you more of it. For this reason, everything you deem valuable or worthy enough to give your attention is shaping the future.

We must start by asking what would work better and then have the courage to proceed with an action.

At Quantaloop, we invite all business leaders to step into a new decade by committing to asking this question: How can I do better? And then put together some real type of responsibility action plan. If you have never explored what your corporate values are, use our free CSR value discovery tool here.  We have answered this question with the Quantaloop organization and believe what would work better is if everyone could have access not only to education but the tools to make taking real, impactful action easier. This is what we are committed to doing, creating, and offering these resources for free.

Top 5 Leadership Qualities for the Future are:
  1. Honesty and Integrity / Trust & Transparency
  2. Ability to Inspire others/ Clear Vision
  3. Accountability and Responsibility
  4. Taking Action! Delegation and Empowerment
  5. Empathy and Humility

Which type of leader are you?  Click on one or all of the links below that best fits you and see what you can do to take action with us today into a better, cleaner, more sustainable future:

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